Alkimya: Memories of the Last Alchemist –

If you are looking for a challenging game that allows you to pick up weapons, fight hordes of creatures, and mix different type of ingredients to create different spells and potions, than look no further Alkimya is your game.   

With the little time that I had with Alkimya, I will say this was a pretty challenging game for me. I feel with enough practice I would have been able to figure out the game better. It was very interesting to be able to create so many different types of spells and potions to help you on your journey. I loved it when I was able to create my own Fire portions and be able to set things on fire even the creatures that tried to attack you.  

We meet out main character of the game but she wakes up not know who she is and where she is. In order for you to be able to uncover who she is you will have to progress further in the game, fighting giant spiders, wild boars, and so many more obstacles that get in your way. As your progress you are greeted by a pink Homunculus which is interested in going with you on your journey. 

The Homunculus aids you in battles. If you feed it fire than it will shoot fire, if you give it water it will attack with water. At times I felt as if I had to farm material that way, I would remain stocked on different potion mixtures. I will say did troll me while I was playing. They asked me to attack a tree of some kind and when I did over a dozen giant spiders started attacking me. Needless to say, I did not survive the horde at all.


This video game overall is something very unique and challenging in its own way. If you want to learn the ways of Alchemy and be able to learn more about this Alchemist, you are just going to have to play the game yourself when it comes out. Alkimya is a very special game and I cannot wait to be able to master this gameplay and be able to find out who the main character is. If you want to check out more on this game check out or it is available to look at on Steam.  

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