Alexis Lynn Shares Haunting New Single “Ghosts” on Video

Alexis Lynn shares haunting new single Ghosts on video! Alexis Lynn deploys a mechanism of hope with her latest single. She delivers a pumpkin patch fusion of pop, music, and security throughout her new song. She lends her voice to carve an image of hope for everyone who listens to the song Ghosts. I enjoyed listening to the song and feel its something radio is missing out today.

Take the trip and press play!

watch here:

Press Release:

Recognized as a “Top 100” in the 2020 CBC Searchlight Contest, Canadian pop artist Alexis Lynn has a lot more to say than the average twenty something. As she relives her life’s moments through song, it’s her hope that her music empowers people as they relate her lyrics to their own life experiences. She recognizes that a catchy chorus or hook can forge an instant bond between her and her listeners, which is one of the reasons she excels at the creative process and continues to develop her sound accordingly.