Alex Southey charms with his latest video titled On The Dance Floor

Alex Southey charms you with his latest video titled On The Dance Floor! Alex has a song embracing the night life in Toronto such as dating and dancing. I was astonished on how cool the video is because it showcases people in their element throughout the years. Many generations of people are showcased in the video but its always the same result and that is having fun in your surroundings. Alex Southey brings his charm to the song while singing the happiness people have during date night.

Curl up with that special someone and press play!

watch here:

Press Release:

Alex is a singer songwriter based in Toronto. His unique blend of wandering lyricism, atmospheric strings, and emotive sense of melody make for an engrossing, contemplative listen.

Alex just released a new single, “On the Dance Floor”. The song is an atmospheric folk track celebrating all the people dating, enjoying themselves, enjoying the nightlife in Toronto. The song has been paired with a visual made up of sourced and filmed clips to reflect the tenderness of the song as a whole.