Alekon Available Now on Steam

Alekon is out now on Steam at a price of $15.99, announced via a launch trailer premiering at Wholesome Direct.

The debut project from The Alekon Company, Alekon is a musical photo journey through a cozy dream world full of whimsical creatures to photograph and befriend, dozens of musical and conversational mini-games, as well as a variety of creative toys, from carving pumpkins to drawing auroras.

Also available is the game’s original soundtrack, containing over 2 hours of music inspired by Nintendo 64 classics.

About The Alekon Company

Three former Riot Games and Respawn Entertainment devs teamed up to create a unique game in the photography space. In 2016, Kevin Notar started Alekon in his spare time, as a small prototype in Unreal Engine 4. Daniel Kraft joined soon after, helping to create whimsical creatures for players to photograph. The team was complete in 2019, when Max Shawabkeh stepped in to shore up the interactive side of the game.