Albatross Funnybooks Rushes Eric Powell and Harold Schechter’s “DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE?” Back to Press

The Acclaimed Graphic Novel is Going Back to Press, Ahead of Its Bookstore Release

(August 24, 2021) Albatross Funnybooks is going back to press for a second printing of Eric Powell and Harold Schechter’s “DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE?” ahead of the acclaimed graphic novel’s release in bookstores on August 24th, 2021. The original graphic novel is co-written by Schechter—the author of true crime classics including Deviant and The Serial Killer Files—and Powell—the legendary creator of The Goon and Hillbilly, who illustrates the 200-page book.

Painstakingly researched and illustrated, Schechter and Powell’s true-crime graphic novel presents Gein’s infamous story like never before. The book delves into the twisted history of Ed Gein, his family, and the notorious violence that inspired Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of the Lambs.

Ambitious and thoroughly researched, the book has received widespread attention:

“Eric Powell and Harold Schechter aim to cut through the myths and reveal the true history of a true American villain.”―IGN

“As extensively researched as the Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell Jack the Ripper graphic novel From Hell, “Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?” is a masterpiece of the form, standing as the best possible dramatization of Ed Gein’s tale in any medium.”―BLOODY DISGUSTING

“Incredibly horrific.”―COMICS BEAT

“A brand new, and one of a kind perspective on one of the most notoriously deranged murderers in American history.”―SCREENRANT

“Eric Powell and Harold Schechter team up to tell the true story of Ed Gein in a unique format for true crime. I can’t wait!”―John Carpenter (Director of Halloween, The Thing)

“Painstakingly researched.”―HORROR DNA


“A requisite addition to any true crime fan’s library.”―COMICON.COM

“To say I’m excited about this one would be one of the great understatements of the 21st century.”―Mike Mignola (Creator of Hellboy)

“This is a new true crime comics essential.”―SYFY WIRE

DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE? is available now in comic shops and will be in bookstores on August 24th, 2021. The second printing will be released in late September. For more updates on Albatross Funnybooks and DID YOU HEAR WHAT EDDIE GEIN DONE?, follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Harold Schechter is an American true-crime writer who specializes in serial killers. Twice nominated for the Edgar Award, he is the author of the nonfiction books Fatal, Fiend, Bestial, Deviant, Deranged, Depraved, The Serial Killer Files, The Mad Sculptor, and Man-Eater; the Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestseller Hell’s Princess: The Mystery of Belle Gunness, Butcher of Men; the Amazon Original Stories collection Bloodlands; and Ripped from the Headlines. Schechter received his PhD in American literature from the State University of New York in Buffalo. A professor emeritus at Queens College, he is married to the poet Kimiko Hahn. For more information, visit

Eric Powell is a comics publisher, writer and artist who has contributed work on such comics titles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Hellboy: Weird Tales, Star Wars: Tales, The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, The Avengers, The Hood, MAD magazine, Devil Dinosaur, Swamp Thing, She-Hulk, The Simpsons, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, Action Comics, and Creepy. But he is mostly recognized for his critically acclaimed dark comedy series The Goon.

Awards: International Horror Guild: 2004 Best Illustrated Narrative, Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2004 Best Single Issue (The Goon #1), Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2005 Best Humor Publication, Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2005 Best Continuing Series, Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2008 Best Writer/Artist—Humor, Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2008 Best Painter or Multimedia Artist.

About Albatross Exploding Funnybooks: Launched in 2002, Albatross Exploding Funnybooks has always been a labor of love for award-winning, Nashville-based cartoonist Eric Powell. The label began as a means to publish Powell’s creator-owned series THE GOON, which mainstream publishers had deemed “too different.” Although THE GOON later found a home and wider audience with Dark Horse Comics, Powell continued to publish, celebrate, and cultivate creator-owned titles through Albatross Exploding Funnybooks, including his all-ages comic CHIMICHANGA and Rebecca Sugar’s PUG DAVIS. In 2016 Powell shifted sole focus to his publishing company and has since published such titles as HILLBILLY, GRUMBLE, BRENDON SMALL’S GALAKTIKON, MEGAGHOST and TANK GIRL.