Alamo City Comic Con Brings Families And Fun Back To San Antonio

As a father with children, attending conventions can be tough and bleak as they tend to focus on the celebrities to bring in the crowds. That is fine for fans and collectors but for families, we like to attend an event where we can enjoy our time with our children. Alamo City Comic Con brought out various fun ways for families to enjoy the convention.

Photo by Dblock Photography

The 4th floor had some awesome gaming from indie studios such as Hebi Studios and No Hope Studios showcasing some of their very own video games to fans attending the event. Fans were treated by game play as from Play Live Nation Culebra Commons as they had Fortnite dance parties as well as giveaways for the families attending the event. We enjoyed learning about the indie gaming from the various studios that were here at the event and loved that the children enjoy playing their games.


photo by Dblock Photography

There are times when you attend conventions, you want to find some free stuff. Families do know how children love to run to every part of the area with lite up eyes when they see really cool items. Drop The Spotlight did their part by giving back to the hard working families by having freebies and hourly giveaways. Thank you to our sponsors, AT&T Alamo Ranch, South Shore Fine Linens, Toynk Toys, and Game Over Video Games. We were able to give hundreds of fans free items as well raffled off items to the fans attending the 3 days of the convention.


Photo by Drop The Spotlight

Alamo City Comic Con had various celebrities that attended this event for the fans. One celebrity or should I say wrestler had a special friend with him that made it very approachable for a lucky fan. Sean Waltman, a former WWE wrestler had a dog that he rescued on one of his travels. My daughter was able to pet the dog and meet the dog at his booth. We were able to talk to Sean about how he saved the dog and the various activities he does to help make sure animals get a good home.

photo by Frankzphotography

When my family came home, we were exhausted. We saw nearly everything the convention had to offer including all 5 levels. We did have to walk a lot and was quite confused on how to get to the other floors but volunteers were able to point us to the right direction. We noticed that there is so much drama concerning things that are in light from our political climate. So many people are making bad choices that is very hurtful for our families and people of color, but as parents we need to talk to our children about situations and be there for our families to make conventions a better place to enjoy our culture. We can’t let the people out there pollute our voices, pollute our views, and take our children’s innocence away from the decisions they make to hurt our community.

We saw how hard the vendors, comic con staff, security, celebrities, musicians, wrestlers, artists, event staff, and more worked hard at this event. This was a good family event where we were able to enjoy a little of everything and see how we come as a culture. Our culture has grown significantly and our children are learning more of our culture through our eyes. We all smiled hard when we saw a cosplayer bringing that character to life and the artist showcasing art that astonishes your imagination. I’m glad my family enjoyed this convention as they now have stories of how we as a family enjoyed a event that was meant for families and fans of our culture.

Thank you to Dblock Photography and Frankzphotography for helping with photography and photos. See more photos HERE.