After Thirty Years Turrican is Back!

Welcome Back To The Legend!


Stuttgart, Germany – August 26th 2020 – After three decades in dormancy, we welcome the return of a true legend. Developed by one of Europe’s greatest independent studios of all time, Factor 5’s Turrican series became one of the most acclaimed and well regarded video games of all time shortly after its release in 1990.

Now, teaming up with the original development team, Strictly Limited Games is excited to bring back this legendary IP.


On Thursday, August 27th an exclusive trailer and more about the special 30th birthday edition will be revealed at the gamescom Opening Night Live (20:00 – 21:30 CEST / 11:00 – 12:30 PST). After the reveal, we will celebrate the 30th birthday of Turrican by opening the preorders of the exclusive and limited editions – only available at


Join us, as we celebrate the return of a legend and the beginning of a new era.

Welcome to the next chapter in Factor 5’s history.
Welcome to the ultimate celebration of the legendary classic.
Welcome BACK… to Turrican!



About Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games is a German publisher based near Stuttgart, specialized in releasing a curated selection of digital download-only games in exclusive collectable physical editions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. The company was founded in 2017 by Dennis Mendel, a former scholar for game studies and advisor at Fraunhofer Institute, and Benedict Braitsch. Both passionate collectors with a combined collection of over 7.000 digital and physical games for all console generations, their intention is to form an opposite pole to the current trend of digital-only releases. All collectors’ editions are available exclusively at Strictly Limited Games online store

About Factor 5

Factor 5 is an independent video game developer and technology pioneer founded in Cologne, Germany. The team achieved early success with the classic Turrican series, and after partnering with George Lucas’ LucasArts, created the multi-million-selling Star Wars: Rogue Squadron franchise, gaining a reputation for continually pushing the hardware to its limits across many gaming landmarks.

Following an expansion to California, Factor 5 became a technology partner in the development of Nintendo consoles and member of the Sony PlayStation ICE group. They pioneered many advances in interactive audio and visuals, often in collaboration with partners like Dolby, THX, and AMD/ATI. Creating key streaming and web technologies, the team has been instrumental in bringing services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube to many millions of devices, culminating in their current work for Fortnite and Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

Turrican, Super Turrican, Rainbow Arts, and Factor 5 are trademarks of Factor 5 GmbH.