Adora and the Distance ComiXology Originals Graphic Novel Review

This is a fantastic story to read to your children, your family and to yourself. You will read about the journey of Adora and The Distance as she ventures into the world. She views the world differently than most people do but she does in a more happier way. Once she finds there is a problem, she attempts to solve it and go on to an adventure.

I have to say, don’t read my review below! Scroll down, click the link and purchase this novel and read it. Let the story of this young girl take you with her on her journey to save her world. You will be so engulfed with this story that you will want more and more.

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • I enjoyed reading the story as you watch a young girl named Adora that lives with her uncle and does a routine daily. She sees various people in her city and talks to them in a very polite tone. She has been having some bad dreams of this darkness where it consumes her. Once they find out The Distance is after her, she takes a trek with famous brave men that put their swords to protect her. She travels with them to different parts of the world in an adventure where she learns more about her and her friends.
  • Art
    • The art in this story is fantastic as the colors are easy on the eyes while showing features that explode with emotion. She get a clearer look on the characters and the world around them. I enjoy art like that with the details that are not too coated too hard with color but with enough that you can see everything.
  • Autism
    • I didn’t expect this story to be about a young girl with autism. I didn’t read the foreword but just the story as I wanted find the adventure. As a person that used to work with Autistic children, the attributes of Adora clearly resembles an autistic child. The writer gave life to a story where this child stars as her own hero to find the good in people. She wanted to protect her people and she knew the right way to do it. I see children of all ages reading this story to get a good glimpse of autistic children as well as see their imagination as mirrored as their own.



Rating: 9.5 out 10

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