Adi Sun’s ‘Bella Sun Lever’ gets a ZIZZA remix

Everything in life needs a little bit of that John Hughes touch — even alternative rock songs. For Adi Sun’s blazing debut single, last summer’s “Bella Sun Lever,” that’s exactly what Nick Zampiello delivers with his electric ZIZZA remix, set for digital release Wednesday, September 1 on all major streaming platforms.

For Adi Sun, the “Bella Sun Lever (ZIZZA Remix)” not only gives us a reason to dance into Labor Day weekend, but also heralds a bit of a new era for the shape-shifting Boston artist and musician with a new single set for release this fall. But not before ZIZZA drops an electro-pop groove onto her creative base and unsuspecting playlists.

“I love the original song and especially the melody and sentiment of the vocals,” says Zamipello, the owner of New Alliance East in Cambridge and a celebrated producer known for his work in electronic-pop projects like Party Bois and This Bliss. “They really stood out to me as being uplifting and I immediately started to wonder what a triumphant ‘John Hughes’ type treatment might feel like.”

Zampiello pulled the lyrics to “Bella Sun Lever,” and started building beats and treats over Adi’s sentimental stylings, adding a bit of a sun-kissed vibe to the original’s more lunar groove. The remix takes the hopeful intention of “Bella Sun Lever” to another level, replacing the guitars and alt-rock leanings for a bubbly synth-pop gloss that rises vertically with each loop.

“I knew immediately that I was trying to make a ‘major’ uplifted feeling jam that incorporated the backing vocal vamp at the end of the song,” he adds. “In my head this gave the feeling of rolling credits at the end of a Bratpack film. From there I just made sure to take notes on which specific parts to mute where and what instruments I wanted to add later.”

Adi Sun has been “in and out” of New Alliance East over the past 10 years or so, working with Zampiello on previous bands, but never like this.

“Nick and I have known each other a long time… but we never really had a chance to collaborate until now,” she says. “I wanted to hear another artist’s take on ‘Bella’ and I knew ZIZZA would bring the funk. All I asked for was four-on-the-floor and a hint of ‘Sussidio’. The rest is history.

Adi adds: “The remix is everything I hoped for. We discussed influences and reference artists beforehand, but what I really wanted was for Nick to follow his instincts, and I think he nailed it. We ended up with something really special. There’s nothing like the sound of analog synthesizers and 808s. I knew ZIZZA would keep it real in that way and I think this dance-y pop arrangement shines even brighter than the original… I don’t think this is the last you’ll hear from the two of us.”