Action-Packed Shooter ANVIL Launches Today

December 2nd, 2021 – Today marks a momentous occasion, Vault Breakers. ANVIL, the top-down action shooter from developer Action Square has just launched onto Steam Early AccessXbox Preview and Xbox Game Pass. Starting today, players can jump into the dangerous world of ANVIL, taking on the role of the powerful Vault Breakers.

Breakers seek out “Vaults” which are remnants of alien civilizations scattered throughout multiple galaxies. Players are tasked with exploring these diverse galaxies and using their abilities to take down hundreds of monsters. Over 100 randomly generated artifacts are scattered throughout the game’s many planets and players must scavenge in order to upgrade and find better loot to help them with the slaughter.

Due to the Vault Breaker’s mechanical bodies, defeat doesn’t mean the end, it just means it’s time to rebuild. Players keep any EXP gathered when they die. The more EXP you earn, the stronger and more powerful the Breakers become. Kill, scavenge, die, rebuild. This is the life of a Vault Breaker.


  • Become a “Breaker” searching for Vaults and explore the unknown galaxy.
  • Explore multiple galaxies with random planets and unique bosses.
  • Open vaults and defeat bosses to utilize the upgrade powers found within.
  • Utilize over 100 randomly generated artifacts and dozens of weapons that will make every session unique and different.
  • Explore a combination of different playstyles by testing synergy between various artifacts and obtain powerful weapons to become the ultimate Breaker.
  • Gain EXP during battle to enhance your Breaker’s strength and give them new powers.
  • Never fear death, rebuild your Breaker to be even stronger after a defeat.

Want to jump into ANVIL yourself? Grab the game on Steam Early AccessXbox Preview and Xbox Game Pass now. E-mail the media contact below for review requests and head to the official ANVIL discord to keep up to date.

About Action Square

Action Square was founded in 2012 with a mission to develop action-packed games for everyone to enjoy. Its first mobile ARPG game “Blade” was a major success in the Korean market. Since then, it has moved on to develop a sequel called “Blades of Three Kingdoms” and have several new projects under development for various platforms like Steam and Xbox.