Inventor of the Virtual Try-On, Fittingbox, Launches its “Frame Removal” Diminished Reality Innovation at CES 2022
TOULOUSE, FRANCE (January 3, 2022) – Fittingbox, the world’s largest database of frames, photos, and 3D models, has expanded its arsenal of eyewear technology with ‘Frame Removal’ a virtual (diminished) reality solution for glasses wearers to try on digital frames without the inconvenience of having to remove their prescription lenses. This cutting-edge innovation utilizes Diminished Reality which provides virtual frame removal, allowing users to shop from any mobile device from just about anywhere, giving them the confidence to successfully shop online.
Fittingbox is a deep tech company, working with technologies like machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.
“Artificial Reality (AR) enhances reality, but it’s even more remarkable when it unlocks use-cases that are not even possible in real-life,” said Fittingbox CTO and Co-founder, Ariel Choukroun. “At Fittingbox, that was our ambition 15 years ago, to allow people to try new frames without having to remove their corrective glasses to do so.”
This announcement is a proud achievement of Choukroun and co-founder Benjamin Hakoun, along with a robust engineering team behind the brand, that have maintained many rigorous studies to make diminished reality applicable.
Diminished Reality is different than both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). VR uses special equipment (such as a VR headset) to place the user into a world that is 100% virtual. AR uses the real environment around the user but adds advanced virtual 3D elements to the user’s experience. Diminished Reality is simply the contrary of Augmented Reality as it removes elements rather than adding virtual elements to the user’s real-life environment.
Fittingbox’s use of Diminished Reality comes after years of researching, developing, and securing over a dozen international patents, making Fittingbox the first in the world to launch the innovation. ‘Frame Removal’ can work on any face, in any direction, and with any light conditions or shadows. Additionally, its ‘size guarantee’ ensures frames will fit any face to the exact dimensions via a mobile device as it would in real life made possible through Fittingbox’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) solution.
Fittingbox technology is compatible with practically all devices and platforms – including phones, tablets, and desktop computers as well as social media and e-commerce sites. Whether it be local ECP’s, top eyewear brands, or manufacturers, the Fittingbox technology consistently has a positive return on investment, often increasing sales!
Aside from being recognized by Gartner research company, Fittingbox holds many other impressive accolades in the technology world. In 2015 alone, the team received the illustrious Prize of Grand Prix des Trophées of Digital Economy and placed first at the National Contest of Digital Innovation. Recently, Fittingbox has even been celebrated in BPI France’s National I-Nov competition.
About Fittingbox
Based in France (Toulouse) and in the USA (Miami), Fittingbox has established itself as the world leader in virtual fitting and eyewear digitalization. Fittingbox, the leader in Augmented Reality (AR) in Eyewear and frame digitization in 3D, develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision, and now diminished reality (DR). Quietly behind the scenes as the technology for the largest optical and luxury groups worldwide, Fittingbox was the first to launch the “virtual mirror” allowing consumers to try glasses on via a desktop or mobile device, in real time, thanks to augmented reality. The company generates more than 95 million virtual fittings per year and represents the largest database of 3D frames in the world, with over 120,000 pairs and more than 4,000 corporate customers. For more information please visit: or contact Stéphanie Loutfi Le Grand: [email protected].