Academia: School Simulator set to graduate from Early Access to Full Release next week

Will your teacher’s pet stay at the head of the class, or will goons turn your best students into delinquents?


Philippines, January 25th, 2021 —  Academia: School Simulator by Squeaky Wheel, one of the best reviewed school simulators on Steam, is ready to graduate into full release and will hit PC and consoles on January 28th. Since hitting Early Access in 2017, nearly 100,000 players have enjoyed the game and have built learning environments ranging from Utopian Classrooms to downright nightmarish Study Prisons.
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Players won’t be tempted to play hooky from this school school simulator! Working with a highly engaged community of scholars, Squeaky Wheel created and added new academic skills and new features over the last four years, including Teacher Training, Student Labor and the ability to pick out and nurture your favorite students.
In the quest to become the number one ranked school, players can challenge themselves by completing more than 100 Achievements on their way to the top. Random events may throw them off course though and they have to keep an eye out for the goons that turn their students into delinquents!
Version 1.0 includes a new “Hardcore” difficulty level, new scenarios and events to keep sophomore players challenged during the late game, and a new fully fledged tutorial to help guide first graders.

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Build a high school with fantastic facilities like science labs, basketball courts, and art rooms, or do the bare minimum and live off government subsidies! Will you offer your delinquent students counseling, or simply send them to detention to let them waste their lives away? Will you hire the best teachers or cheap out and build giant classrooms with a 1:100 teacher to student ratio? Will you build enough toilets, or snicker as your students are forced to relieve themselves in the bushes? The choice is yours!

Squeaky Wheel is an independent video game development company based in the Philippines that aims to develop thematically unique PC strategy and simulation games. Their first game was Political Animals, an election campaign simulation; their second title, Academia: School Simulator was released on Steam Early Access to great success in September 8th, 2017. Members of the Squeaky Wheel team have previously worked in acclaimed games such as Prison Architect, Spacechem, and Order and Chaos Duels.

About Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc

Squeaky Wheel Studio is an independent game development company based in the Philippines that aims to be a developer of thematically unique PC strategy and simulation games.