ABLAZE unleashes the ANGER in the next arc of GUNG-HO

Fans of The Walking Dead will be GUNG-HO for this latest addition to the thrilling tale of survival!

JANUARY 19, PORTLAND, OR – ABLAZE announced today plans to publish the next story arc in Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant’s epic series set in the near future where the “White Plague,” a violent and hyper aggressive species of deadly, white-furred creatures, has completely decimated humanity and civilization is only a bittersweet memory, titled GUNG-HO: ANGER, coming May 2021.

In the newest part of the acclaimed series, Archer has been banished from the colony, falsely condemned for the rape of Celine. But Zack doesn’t believe in his brother’s guilt, so a secret expedition is launched into the danger zone. The expedition will not be without risks though, nor without unpleasant surprises… Meanwhile, back at Fort Apache, confusion reigns and tensions are at an all-time high, as the adults look to safeguard the young and keep the colony intact. But with a “white wave” approaching—a big attack from the rippers—is it already too late?

This new arc comes hot on the heels of GUNG-HO: SEXY BEAST, with issue one of the highly anticipated mini-series in stores January 20th, 2021.

The GUNG-HO Vol 1 HC is also now available, and collects the first two storylines of the series, “Black Sheep” and “Short Circuit,” in a $24.99 182-pg collection, with complete cover gallery (ISBN: 1-950912-17-5).

Rich Young, ABLAZE VP Creative/Business Development said: “GUNG-HO is a title that I really cannot recommend highly enough.  Visually it’s breathtaking, and story-wise the book keeps getting more interesting and more intense with each issue. So I’m looking forward to publishing more GUNG-HO at ABLAZE, and seeing more people discover this amazing series!”

GUNG-HO: ANGER #1 will be solicited in the Feb 2021 issue of Diamond Previews for May 2021 shipping items, with an on-sale date of 5/26/21. Issue 1 will feature cover art by Thomas von Kummant, as well as all new covers by Stephen Segovia, Daniel Clarke, and Kim Jung Gi. Retailers can reach out to Diamond or ABLAZE regarding special offers and promotions for the series, including retailer exclusive covers.

For updates, previews, and details on upcoming titles from ABLAZE, visit http://ablazepublishing.com/ and look for GUNG-HO: ANGER #1 at your local comics shop May 26th!


“Combining Archie-style teenage shenanigans and rivalries with a Walking Dead narrative arc is a stroke of genius, and the creative team give it their all, with lively animation-inspired visuals and densely designed backdrops. Delivers ample fun at the end of the world. –Publishers Weekly”

“Gung-Ho is one of my favorite releases of the year. It’s a breath of fresh air in the comic book world. ABLAZE has something extraordinary here, and I cannot wait for the next volume to begin.”
– Pastramination.com

“Von Kummant’s illustration is stunning and matches the lively tone of von Eckartsberg’s script, which puts a new spin on dystopian survival tales in the Walking Dead vein by focusing the narrative around a teenage cast.
– Library Journal

“What a beautiful book it is!”
– Charlie Adlard, Artist of The Walking Dead (Image) 

“Gung Ho is a completely brilliant and fresh take on the Post Apocalyptic theme. Hip, edgy, and intense writing, absolutely gorgeous artwork – it’s at the top of my list for recommended reading!”
– Kevin Eastman, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“This book is simply spectacular! An intense science fiction story, with a devastating and gorgeous graphic impact! What expressiveness! What landscapes! And what colors! AMAZING! A series not to be missed!”
– Mirka Andolfo, Writer/Artist of MERCY, UNNATURAL (Image) 

“Gung-ho is an incredible post apocalyptic action packed ride full with great believable characters, well thought out settings, and to top it off, a coming of age teenage drama. Grippingly told by Benjamin’s writing and beautifully illustrated by Thomas, don’t miss this chance to watch two master craftsmen at work.:
– Nic Klein, Artist/Co-creator of DRIFTER, Viking, Dancer (image), & currently drawing THOR (Marvel)

“GUNG-HO is one of my all-time favorite comics. It’s an action-packed, visceral and epic story with cool young characters in a jaw-dropping setting. Damn, I wish had come up with this Gem!”
– Enrico Marini, Writer/artist of BATMAN The Dark Prince Charming (DC) 


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Benjamin von Eckartsberg – writer of Gung-Ho
Born 1970 in Germany, Benjamin von Eckartsberg has worked in Munich since 1993 as a freelance illustrator for publishers, film & tv, advertising, magazines and direct clients.  His second love is writing graphic novels and enjoying the teamwork with other artists.

Thomas von Kummant – artist of Gung-Ho
Thomas von Kummant (born 1972) lives near and works in Munich, Germany, as a freelance illustrator. He graduated from ‘Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode’ in 1997. From there on he started working for publishers, magazines, advertising agencies and for film- and TV production companies around the world.

ABLAZE is a new publishing company releasing a variety of titles—in different formats, genres, and age ranges—original material, crowdfunded titles, reprints, art books, including international titles from Europe, Asia (manga, manhwa), and more.

The mantra of ABLAZE is quality first, with the goals of giving creators a platform, bringing new voices into the conversation, serving as diverse an audience as possible, and growing the company’s publishing schedule sustainably over time.