ABLAZE Publishing To Release FRIDAY FOSTER Ultimate HC Comic Edition

ABLAZE Presents FRIDAY FOSTER: THE SUNDAY STRIPS in an Ultimate Collection
The barrier-breaking comic strip is remastered and collected for the first time ever!
May 28, 2021, Portland, OR – ABLAZE announced today a deal with Tribune Content
Agency to publish a collection of the groundbreaking comic strip Friday Foster.

Pre-orders are
open now; the book will debut in a hardcover edition on June 24th
For the FIRST TIME EVER, the classic FRIDAY FOSTER newspaper color comic strip created
by James D. “Jim” Lawrence (of Buck Rogers and James Bond fame) and illustrated by
acclaimed Spanish artist Jorge “Jordi” Longarón, then later Gray Morrow (long time Marvel
Comics artist & co-creator of Man-Thing) is collected.
The strip is the first mainstream, nationally
syndicated comic strip (Chicago Tribune)
starring an African American character in the
title role. It ran from 1970-1974 and inspired
the 1975 movie of the same name starring Pam

The Friday Foster comic strip is the story of a
former nightclub “camera bunny” turned
photographer’s assistant turned fashion model.
With an innate inclination to help others and a
natural beauty that makes her a magnet for men,
Friday often finds herself in some very sticky
situations and world class adventures.

In addition to including all 214 Friday Foster Sunday comic strips with completely remastered
colors and letters, the book will include a significant bonus section including multiple interviews,
an expanded sketchbook section, artwork, photos, essays, articles, behind-the-scenes info, and

Writing and curating the book’s substantial bonus material has been undertaken by Friday Foster
expert, and Editor, Christopher Marlon.

Christopher Marlon, Friday Foster: The Sunday Strips Editor: “The art is awesome and the
stories are super-fun. And it’s great to see a black character going on globetrotting adventures in
the 1970s! I really enjoyed bringing all the elements together so I could share this little piece of
wonderful comic strip history. I hope you will enjoy it too!”

ABLAZE Presents FRIDAY FOSTER: THE SUNDAY STRIPS in an Ultimate Collection Page 2
“Friday is such a fun and memorable character,” said Wayne Lown, General Manager of Tribune
Content Agency. “So, I’m thrilled to be working with ABLAZE on this book and eager to see its
release later this year.”

Rich Young, ABLAZE VP Creative/Business Development adds, “I’m incredibly happy to be
publishing this book at ABLAZE, as Friday Foster is not only a cool and entertaining strip, but
also culturally significant. ABLAZE is determined to find more out of print treasures like Friday
Foster and make them available to readers.”

The book is available for preorder now from your favorite book seller or comics shop:

(ISBN: 978-1-950912-06-3, Diamond code: FEB201364).

To final a local comics shop near you visit: https://www.comicshoplocator.com
To find an indie book store near you visit: https://www.indiebound.org/indie-bookstore-finder
Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/friday-foster-jim-lawrence/1136728259
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Friday-Foster-Jim-Lawrence/dp/195091206X/

For updates, previews, and details on upcoming titles from ABLAZE, visit
http://ablazepublishing.com/ and look for FRIDAY FOSTER at your local comics shop or book
store later this year!


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ABOUT Jim Lawrence:

Jim Lawrence, the creator of Friday Foster, began his writing career scripting training films for the US Armed
Forces, and moved on to write features including Buck Rogers and Joe Palooka. He went on to become a long-time
writer for the James Bond comic strip. His credits at Marvel Comics include Strange Tales, Dr. Strange, and
Captain Britain.
ABOUT Jorge “Jordi” Longarón:
Jorge Longarón is a self-taught artist from Barcelona, Spain who came to prominence in the mid-1950s. He became
the first Spanish comic book artist to debut in the competitive US market with Friday Foster. Today he is widely
celebrated as one of Spain’s most talented illustrators.
ABOUT Gray Morrow:
Gray Morrow is an American comic industry veteran who worked across the business for Marvel, DC, Archie
Comics, Cracked Magazine and others. He also drew science fiction paperback covers and B-movie posters. A lifelong fan of the character, Gray illustrated the Tarzan Sunday comic strip for over 18 years.
ABOUT Christopher Marlon:
Christopher Marlon is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker who has created a variety of short form content. He’s currently
editing his feature length documentary, Ophelia’s Influence, about America’s first black fashion model. Friday
Foster: The Sunday Strips is his first book.
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