As a fan of movies, I was introduced to this movie from CMC Pictures and was given a trailer to showcase on my website. After viewing the trailer, I was intrigued and had to know more about this upcoming movie. Weeks later, I was given another trailer and information of the movie. I have began to become very invested on this movie as it was on my list to watch. Eventually, I was handed a screener copy of this movie to check out and give my opinion for a review.

As excited as I was, I was able to sit down and watch the movie. All I have to say is WOW! This movie reminded me of an MMO game with live action but involves two worlds intertwined throughout the movie. A Writer’s Odyssey feels like they have reinvented the movie wheel for movie goers! In my reviews, I like to talk a lot about different parts of what I liked about a film or show and discuss it in detail. In this review, I will talk the story a bit and some fun elements and nothing else. I don’t want to spoil much of this movie because you have to sit down and watch it. You will be hooked in a matter of minutes!

Here is the review:


  • Story:
    • The story was so fluid and exciting that you had to remember to breath. The movie plot is about a man named Guan Ning on a path to find his kidnapped daughter. Guan Ning has a special set of skills that makes him a bit deadly when he has something to throw. When given the opportunity to find his daughter by billionaire Tu Ling, he takes a journey to murder an author who is writing a story. The author’s story is affecting Tu Ling and feels his story will kill him. Guan Ning takes the journey to find that author, but once meeting him, he discovers a fantasy world that is intertwining with his own life. In the fantasy world, a young warrior named Kongweng is avenging the death of his sister against the tyrant Lord Redmane. He gains some armor that will give him strength and a new view of the world as he travels to find Lord Redmane to kill him. The writers and director did an amazing job with this film’s story that made it so unique and new for viewers. I had so much fun just watching on what happens next in the movie.
  • Action:
    • I’m a big fan of movies that have some badass fight scenes! The scenes with Guan Ning and the kidnapper had so much emotion. You can feel each punch or tackle from Guan Ning that you cheered him on. The fight scenes at times may have been exaggerated but the director utilized the real world and fantasy world from the story. For example, you had the guy in fantasy world that is spoken about having the power to use electricity against people. Then in real world, one of Tu Ling’s assassins had a machine that electrocute people with his touch. This was so unique yet plausible as it made the movie stretch the imagination for viewers.
  • Fantasy History:
    • I really liked the fantasy world that was introduced in the movie in the beginning. When the little girl trying to find her mom and dad in the first 20 seconds of the movie hooked me hard! I felt like I was watching an alternative view of ancient history in the movie. The element of introducing that warrior to find justice for his sister against Lord Redmane is fantastic. I’m still a noob on ancient history for China, but it had me hooked! I enjoyed the use of dragons as well. I know dragons are really popular in their culture. The talk of the emperor, his generals and more had my imagination invested in the movie.



Rating: 10 out 10

A Writer’s Odyssey gave fans a look into the fantasy realm mixing with today’s world. You want Guan Ning to find his daughter quickly yet he had to follow a path where he could save her and eventually other children. You watch as each character grows throughout the movie and have their minds warped on the situation. I enjoyed this movie hard as this action and fantasy film showcased a superb production that brought you an original story to enjoy. When you have the chance, get your hands on this movie and watch it.

For more information and a list of theaters, please visit: www.CMC-Pictures.com/A-Writers-Odyssey