A Vision for the new NXT? Here is our take!

Triple H had a vision for NXT that has changed WWE and the whole wrestling business. They focused on a category of new wrestlers, male and female, that current WWE weren’t even thinking about at the moment. He was able to push them to create a new crop of wrestlers that are being used today on various places such as WWE, AEW, and more.

Now, WWE is changing the way they see that vision and scrapping many ideas and wrestlers at the same time. They want to showcase a new vision of what they will deem as NXT. What should the new NXT look like? Well, we sat down while sipping our colas and thought hard on what kind of vision WWE could be looking for.

Here is our take on how the vision of NXT should be!

  • The Forbidden Door of Wrestling
    • I know Vince and company wouldn’t want to use this reference but they must know this is the hottest topic out there. Imagine NXT to be the hottest place for companies to bring their stars to fight against the stars of Raw and Smackdown. NXT will still house a developmental place for young superstars to be trained into future main events for Raw and Smackdown but could have be a place to find that next headliner as well. This could also lead younger fans to become familiar with WWE and grow with the company.
  • NXT to Main Brand Better Transition
    • With WWE and NXT having trouble with a ratings war with NXT, they should be looking into what type of wrestler they want for NXT. They want that wrestler that will train and build their character to then go to Raw and Smackdown. I feel they should create a NXT To Main Brand contract where once your on NXT for certain amount of time and then transition to Main Brand. This way, this conversion will help the superstar grow in NXT and not be “institutionalized” by NXT standards and become main event status on the major brands. Too many wrestlers today rly on the NXT standards that they don’t want to go to main brand and that is hurting the main brand hard. This also hurts the NXT superstar as they no longer grow themselves and character wise which becomes boring to fans.
  • Major Star as GM
    • William Regal has been the perfect GM on NXT for many years. With NXT looking at a new vision, who could fill his shoes? There has been people online talking about replacing Regal with Hogan or Undertaker in the past. I, for one, see WWE using a “corporate regime” that has been used in the past on Raw and Smackdown. I fully see Mr. McMahon being that corporate GM and restarting “The Corporation” to push wrestlers they have in mind as a group.
  • New Characters for Wrestlers
    • This is a part that has been very stagnant on NXT part. They haven’t had a proper character development in YEARS. This is one of the aspects many don’t understand or see from a point of view of higher ups. There hasn’t been wrestlers with proper character creations or even a creative look in that department. NXT wrestlers will need a DRAMATIC overhaul in the character department for the new vision of NXT.
  • New Colors / Logo
    • The black and yellow need to go! This color has been a staple for NXT for years but feel this meshing in colors is a weaker link as a brand for NXT. NXT should look into using more bold and powerful colors such as Orange and Teal.

That is our take on how the new vision of NXT should be handle.  Have different ideas, let us know in comments or let us know on FACEBOOK (and give us a like too ;))