A Stalker in the House Review

A Stalker in the House is a film by Jared Cohn starring Scout Taylor Compton (Alexa), Veronika Issa (Jen), and Jack Pearson (Mike). A thrilling stalker film about a very troubled man (Mike). Who does not like to be pushed away or rejected.

Mike is very troubled in the head and a dangerous man. We see this right off the bat with his relationship with Alexa. She breaks out with him after he is very rough and force with her she was done with him. Ends in a fatal way and shows Mike’s insane mindset.

Moving on to a night at a bar he meets Jen and ends up back at her place. Things get hot and heavy when Mike goes too far. Jen asks him to leave but he is not going to go without a fight. Using all the stops he gets back inside the house and setup up a reason to come back. He keeps calling and stalking her watching her and who she is with.

Get sends flowers and shows up at her place out the blue trying to get a second shot. He gets to the point where he gets violent with two people in her life. He is willing to kill to be the only man in her life. We see the deep lengths he is willing to go to have her in his life.

This one was a very wild thriller and a scary look into the mentally ill Mike. The depths he is willing to go to have what he wants. A man who can not take no for an answer.  I give this one an 8 out of 10 for the cast and how they brought the characters to life on the screen. A very dark look into the mind of a obsessed man. My only gripe is I would of like to have seen more Scout Taylor Compton in the film.