A smashing new game genre

A smashing new game genre

Breaking blocks and the mold of shmups


After years of development, indie developer Double Dash Studios will release the game Sky Racket on October 22nd. By mixing the shoot ’em up and block breaker genres into a new design called “shmup breaker”, the developers are bringing a bouncing new experience for PCs.



Shmups are one of the more vintage genres out there, many gamers have immersed themselves into hours of playing them during their lives. The experience of having to dodge humongous quantities of bullets while you yourself are spraying them yourself against your many enemies is exhilarating. But what if you actually couldn’t shoot at them? What if you actually had to teach your enemies that their bullets, much like karma, can strike back? And what if you had to do that while bouncing them and destroying many blocks for those sweet sweet combos?

Sky Racket manages to answer those questions by giving you a laser tennis racket, a scarf wielding astronaut and putting you through worlds filled to the brim with adorable enemies, many blocks, exciting music and colors, many many colors. In a universe where the Capybara Goddess got held captive by a tyrannous enemy, you and up to one extra local partner get the power of the rackets to fly through the worlds and rescue her and the universe.


(Here’s the game’s animated intro) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8CA0kR93-Q


Sky Racket will release on October 22nd for PC’s worldwide, and will be playable on Windows, Linux and MacOS, with console releases planned for early 2020. For anyone interested on getting the game as soon as possible, the developers recommend wishlisting it at Steam at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/994500/Sky_Racket/