A Second Look at Sorcerer

A Second Look at Sorcerer

Last article I focused on what makes Sorcerer unique when we compare it to Magic the Gathering, and I’d like to continue with this in mind and really dive into a key element that sets Sorcerer apart. More specifically, I am talking about the 3 battlefields available to players when dueling another sorcerer in a 1v1 match.

A duel between 2 sorcerers requires 3 battlefields to be set up in between the players (pictured above). In a duel, the first player attacks second on the flanking battlefields but attacks first in the center battlefield. I thought this was a strange mechanic as I would have preferred the first player to get priority to attack first more often than the second player. Why else name it “First Player” if you’re not going first all the time? With a few games under my belt it grew evidently clear how important the center battlefield is in the grand scheme of things.

In my most recent playthrough I began as the second player, and I started with my regular strategy of pushing my advantage of attacking first on the flanking battlefields to put pressure on my opponent. After trading blows and none of us gaining any ground, on the rightmost flank, I turned my attention to the center battlefield as the following turn I would be First Player, so I’d get the advantage of attacking first there. My opponent decided to continue pushing on the right flank. I quickly overwhelmed my opponent in the center battlefield as they had decided to split their minions evenly between the 2 battlefields we were dueling in. That’s when it clicked. 

If I take the center battlefield I’d split off my opponent’s ability to quickly reinforce the leftmost battlefield with their remaining minions. Let me explain. In a duel, the first player to take over 2 battlefields wins. A best 2 out of 3 scenario. The Reinforce mechanic allows you to move minions that are already on a battlefield over 1 space (2 if they have the Flying Icon).Realizing I could slow down my opponent’s reinforcements I relented my forces on the rightmost battlefield, and I pressed my advantage on the center battlefield. This way I could quickly reinforce the battlefield on the left as I’d only need to use 1 action per minion to move them over from the center to the left battlefield. This meant that minions on the rightmost battlefield have to make their way over the center battlefield and waste a total of 2 actions moving to the leftmost battlefield(picture above). In a game where we only get 6 actions per turn, this turned out to be the pivotal move of the game.

The following turn I pressed the center battlefield, relented the rightmost, and slowly began adding minions on the left. With 1 battlefield a piece (I took center and my opponent took the right), we began adding what minions we had in our hand onto the battlefield and I also used a couple of actions to move my 2 remaining minions from the center battlefield over to the left. My opponent, however, had to decide to waste 2 actions per minion to accomplish the same. This was costly as my opponent had run out of steam and wasn’t able to draw minions from their grimoire and couldn’t properly reinforce the remaining battlefield.

So what did I learn from this most recent playthrough? I learned that winning the center square may be a viable strategy and that minions with the Flying Icon are best utilized on flanking battlefields as their ability allows them to move to any battlefield when reinforcing. Try these strategies out on your next playthrough and let me know how that works out for you. I’ll keep plugging away and squeezing my brain to continue providing helpful tactics that you can use to beat your friends into submission to help make you the ultimate sorcerer. Leave any comments below or get a hold of me by email (below) if you’d like to talk more in depth about Sorcerer. Thanks for reading!

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