A Quick Peek at Sorcerer

A Quick Peek at Sorcerer


Some days I really miss playing Magic the Gathering(MtG). What I don’t miss is the amount of money and/or trading you have to do to be competitive. So a self-contained tabletop game like this really spoke to me. I’ve played Sorcerer a few times now and I can honestly say that it is very similar to MtG. I don’t mean this to sound as an insult to the game, on the contrary. MtG is a great game and so is Sorcerer. I’m not going to compare apples to apples, so let’s focus on what makes Sorcerer unique. 

The battle system is unique because it uses dice to deal damage. These dice can be rerolled by using Omen counters that you gain by playing cards that have an Omen symbol. The first player of each turn also has the option to “empty” their fate counter to reroll all the dice rolled for an attack once per turn. Depending on your luck, this can swing a battle heavily in either direction which is fun and makes it feel like a true tabletop game and not just a card game. 

Damage stays on your minions. This means that you can effectively kill opposing minions by dealing damage over several turns. This aspect of the game really forces you to use strategy and think ahead which is sometimes missed in more casual tabletop games. If you happen to use the Hellfire Cult lineage deck you get access to Flame Counters which also deal damage but at the end of the turn.

You also control an Avatar who incidentally happens to be the “Sorcerer” you play as. These Avatars can’t engage in battle directly, but rather they have effects that can affect the battlefield they’re in. Did I forget to mention there are multiple battlefields? In a 2 player game you duel in 3 battlefields, and that varies once you add a 3rd or 4th player. 

These are probably the biggest and most important variances between Sorcerer and MtG. Since this is a “quick peek” I’ll leave some of the more savory stuff like which strategies are effective, which cards are great, and which deck combinations synergize well for a future article. If you’re like me and sometimes miss playing MtG and are looking for a reasonable substitution, give this game a go and let me know how you like it by leaving comments below or on our social media channels. Thanks for reading!

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