A late Mother’s Day Gift for my late Mother

Hey everyone!


I survived another Mother’s Day!


But this year, I decided to channel my depression into creating something for other people who have lost their mothers.


My mom and I always talked about publishing children’s stories, and during her battle with cancer, she channeled all her frustration into creating beautiful, colorful works of art.


SO I digitized that art, cut it up into pieces, and animated it! Glory and the Moon Man is an artistic collaboration between me, and my late mother Joyce Randall. The story is about ignoring the little voice in your head, that always tells you that you suck.


I know my mom is proud of me for doing this, even though it’s two days late. I can’t say she would mind though, since she is late too!


Bah dum bum.


Anyways, Glory and the Moon Man is the second artistic collaboration between me and my mother. It certainly won’t be the last.


So if you like it, please share! If for no other reason than I FINALLY made something appropriate for kids!


Yours Truly,

Gary Adrian Randall