A-Hoy Matey! PAX East 2020 Barges Into Boston

As we swabbed the decks, we awaited the call of the wild to symbolize the end of our journey. The fog was thick in the morning as we sailed towards our destination. The captain rang his bell and announced “LAND HO” and there was the land of Boston. We parked our ship in the nearest pier and collected our eye patches and bandannas to make our way towards land.  The flag on top of the building didn’t have a skull or crossbones, but had something much more better. The sign had the words PAX East 2020 and we jumped in joy.

Here is our review:

Tens of thousands of people attended this past weekend PAX East and were greeted with an amazing display of today’s and tomorrow’s gaming needs. We roamed the floor as we talked to developers, streamers, content creators, publishers and more!

Phil from El Gato and Deltronz

We were able to check out El Gato and Corsair’s booth at PAX East and it was a dream for any streamer that loves to have the best equipment used in their streams. Deltronz from Drop The Spotlight was able to talk to Phil for a bit and check out some of their products they have brought to PAX East.

Acer Predator After Party

PAX is very known by its fans for having some of the best after parties each and every night. At PAX East, we were VIP to, in our opinion, the best after party we have been to which was Acer Predator After Party. We were surrounded by content creators, special guests, friends we haven’t seen in a while and of course the marketing team for Acer. We were able to do this quick video while partying, yes, we continued to work while partying!


Debbie of White Wizard Games and Deltronz

There was an abundance of very cool table top games and we were able to interview a few creators over there games. We were able to talk to Debbie of WHITE WIZARD GAMES at her booth and check out some of the games she had that day. We were shocked that they had the new Epic Card Game Digital and she showed us the new Sorcerer game as well. Reviews of those games will be coming out soon on our website!

Deltronz and Julia from Aorus

I have been a fan of building computers with Gigabyte components since I was a young swashbuckler. We were very excited to check out Gigabyte’s AORUS booth and see the latest items for gamers. We talked to Van and Julia (pictured) of the latest components, laptops and of course games they are playing currently. They even commanded a VR area where people can play VR as well!

Austin Creed and Mega Ran

We were able to see friends that we haven’t seen in a while. We saw our friends like Ill_Kat, Dodger, Badger, Zeenigami and of course Megaran. We have known Megaran since we first met him at our first time in PAX which was PAX South 2017. We have built a good friendship with him and watched as his career as nerdtune musician open doors for others to showcase there talents as well. We were able to catch up with Megaran and of course former WWE tag team champion Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed talk gaming, movies and of course which game to check out at PAX East 2020.


We were able to catch up and talk to PAX gold medalist U.G.L.Y. He has been to nearly every PAX and competed and won Gold in VR competitions. We were able to talk to him, interview him and as well as bask in his glory. We didn’t realize the competitions that have been going on for VR and were glad to talk to him about it.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

There were so many new games at this PAX that we couldn’t name all the games we played, but there was this game we tried out that I couldn’t get out of my mind. This game was very  unique and the story got me hooked. This game is called RAJI: AN ANCIENT EPIC and my team and I had an amazing time playing this game. This game showcases the stories of India’s mythology and encompasses that in a game where you must find your family and save people on the way from the Gods. The game was very smooth and the art was just amazing. I will be doing a review of the game soon!

All in all, PAX East showcased the latest and greatest in gaming, accessories, components and more. This brought fans together as new friends were made and online friends were able to meet finally. It was our first time in Boston and will not be our last!

All interviews and pictures taken at PAX East 2020 will be posted on our Youtube and FB Page respectfully.