A Good Couple Short Film Review

A Good Couple is a short film by Robert Gregson starring Julie Ann Earls and Alex Mandell. A story of a couple in a rocky relationship spending some time at a rental house in the woods. Their problems come to a head and boil over each one with their own issues Dan storms out of the house into the woods. Leaving Julia alone in the house.

Something is not right with this place as Julia wishes Dan was different. The next day Dan is different in the way he talks and treats her. As the day goes on Julia notices things that leave her with questions.

An overall great short film with some twists and some really great acting. I did not want to spoil the film so you must see what happens in this story. In my book, this film can be a full film. A Good Couple premieres on September 1st at the 24th Dances With Films Festival.