7 Moons Red Blend Wine Review

After a long day of work, you just want to sit down and unwind at home. The stress of doing your daily job can take a toll on you day in and day out. When there is a problem, here is a solution! 

7 Moon Red Blend Wine is a delicious take on wine and creates an avenue to help you unwind. The taste is unimaginable and the smell brings you back to Earth.

The bottle is black with some different eclipses of the moon. In the middle, we have the full moon and then we have the different stages of the moon going up and down. The bottle is a good shape where you can grip it well and of course cools down easily.

When you pull the cork out of the wine, this has a cool feature. The logo is one side of the cork and the other side has a special quote. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I give you the take of looking it over when you get your hands on a bottle.


Once its opened, get your best glass out and pour yourself some. I put ice on mine because that is my habit of having ice in any drink. The taste was a little sweet yet flows through the tongue. I enjoyed drinking the wine as it was very smooth and just taste good. This wine is much better than the others I have tried before and help me feel a sense of elegance. I envisioned myself as a king on his throne watching his kingdom grow from every sip I took from the glass.

I have enjoyed this drink all in all and I was able to get this drink from GINOS DELI in San Antonio, TX. I want to believe there are other stores out there with this specific wine and I do hope so. The taste and smell brings about a vision of a future of being on top of the world.

Disclosure: You must be 21 and over to drink this wine and the person who drank it, was 21 and over.