514 by Just Costa is Out now!

As a person that travels around the country, I love to hear a song dedicated to a city, state, or country. Just Costa has a song that they have dedicated to their hometown Montreal. With the synths blasting, Just Costa sing their hearts out about their city. The song is out now and is titled 514! Be sure to kick it with them by pushing play below!

listen here:


For brother/sister duo, Just Costa, music is just the ticket to their own sonic theme park. And they have all the attractions: vocals that blend with the grace of siblings, with songs that are melodic, lyrically life-affirming and groovy while blending R&B, soul, funk, pop and more.


The beauty of a song about a city is the city means a million different things to each different person. The views, the mentalities, the beautiful people Montreal has no lack of. The city is an ongoing narrative that threads through the story of our own lives. If you love your hometown, “514,” Just Costa’s first fully self-produced single, will help you resonate with that.