5 First Time Cosplay Ideas

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From time to time we all need a bit of a break from our own personal reality. Luckily, cosplaying is a fun way to briefly escape the world as we know it and experience it from another perspective. This may sound like an expensive or unattainable hobby to some, but there are plenty of fun cosplay ideas for first timers and beginners that won’t break the bank. Here is a list of five easy, relatively cheap cosplay ideas for those new to the scene. I hope you enjoy!

1) Batman


He goes by many names, but everyone that sees Batman instantly recognizes and respects the image of the shadow figure keeping our streets safe in the night. Batman is the ultimate bad boy superhero and is beloved worldwide as an executor of justice. Also, he’s got a costume that’s fairly easy to replicate. With a mask, a cape, and some black paint (for accents and abs) you’ve got yourself a believable Batman get up. To spice it up even further, you can pick up an officially licensed, Arkham Origins replica Grapnel Gun Launcher here.

2) Wonder Woman


Fear not, female followers of fandom. While I know that there is a wide range of cosplay costumes for women, I happen to think that Wonder Woman’s costume is easy for beginners. It’s simple, easy to move around in, and it’s Wonder Woman. She’s a badass all around.

3) Doctor Strange


For a guy with Strange in his name, the Doctor Strange costume is fairly normal, as far as outfits go. It’s black boots, black shoes, along blue coat with some black belts, and a heavy red cape. Nothing too special there, but what really ties it all together is the Eye of Agamotto pendant he wears around his neck. Isn’t it mesmerizing? Get one of your own here.

4) Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)


As far as heroes go, they don’t come much smoother that Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy, or Star-Lord, as he likes to refer to himself. With a grey T-shirt, a dark red leather jacket, and some tight black pants, you too can become a Guardian of the Galaxy!

5) Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)


It would be difficult to try and think of a single other cartoon from the last few years that has had even close to as much social impact as Rick and Morty has. That means that if YOU would like to dress up like Rick, you’re in luck X2! Not only is Rick an almost instantly recognizable character to millions of people, he also happens to wear a very practical, easy to replicate costume. With a white lab coat, dark khakis, a blue shirt and some blue hair, you’re good to go! Ideally, you would have your trusty portal gun too, but we all know that Rick has a hard time keeping track of that thing so a cheap flask will help pull the look together just as well. Don’t forget to drool!

There you have it. Five easy cosplay ideas for first time cosplayers. Now get in costume, get out there and go have some fun!