32 of Brazil Games’ Best Indie Studios are Bringing the Heat to Devcom Digital 2020

Meet With Some of Brazil’s Most Innovative Indie Studios as They Descend on the Devcom Digital Conference

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL —  Brazil Games recently announced that 32 Brazilian game studios, including Hermit Crab Game Studio, and Rockgames, will be part of a delegation attending Devcom Digital 2020. Taking place from August 17 to 30, 2020, these incredibly talented Brazilian studios will present their latest creations, innovations, and upcoming games, as well as engage in business development, form partnerships, and come together to do what they do best — bring quality video games to the market.

In partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), the group is led by Brazil Games (the Brazilian Games Export Program) — carried out by the Brazilian Games Companies Association and Abragames.

“As one of the fastest-growing game development scenes on the planet, we’re excited to show some of the amazing work from our growing stable of Indie Developers,” said Eliana Russi, Manager of Brazil Games. “Whether it’s simply getting the games into the hands of players or creating future partnerships, our studios can’t wait to hit the digital-floor at Devcom 2020.”

“Brazil has a substantial amount of incredibly talented Indie studios, and Devcom Digital is the perfect environment to get their names and faces out there in the industry,” continued Russi. “We truly believe in homegrown talent and want to show the world what we’ve all known for years — Brazil is a hotbed of extremely accomplished and gifted game creators.”

In addition, this year three Brazilian studios —out of 60 total — were selected to participate in the prestigious DevCom NRW GREEN Virtual Indie Expo 2020DuaikFira Soft, and INSANE.

  • Duaik is an independent game developer located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, founded in 2014 after joining Microsoft’s [email protected] program and receiving the title of “Inaugural Brazilian Developer” on Xbox One in 2015 from Xbox’s Phil Spencer himself. Duaik’s first title, Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather, won multiple awards including Best Game at SBGames 2014, People’s Choice at BIG 2014, Brazilian Game of the Year at TGA 2014, and many more. During Decom Digital 2020, the team will exhibit its sequel, Aritana and the Twin Mask.
  • Fira Soft is a studio that focuses on working with brands to create “advergames” and educational titles that connect clients and brands with a whole new demographic and player base. Founded in 2011, Fira Soft’s upcoming title Kriophobia promises a return to survival horror and follows a geologist named Anna who finds herself trapped on the sinister Zhokhov Island.
  • INSANE was a studio founded with one goal in mind: to bring the visually distinct, truly open-world sandbox MMORPG Profane to players everywhere. With a team of 25 industry professionals, INSANE is always looking for consultants, collaborators, and new tips and technologies.

Several studios will have featured booths this year, with Duaik, INSANE, and Fira Soft exhibiting their work in the DevCom NRW GREEN Virtual Indie Expo 2020 booth, with Rockgames, Ludact, and Kokku hosting booths of their own. Brazil Games will also have a digital booth in the Country Pavillion, and registered attendees can book meetings with the Executive Team through the Devcom Meet-to-Match tool.
In addition, several studios involved in external development, who bring their skills and expertise to outside clients in order to help them reach their goals and launch their games in a polished and complete package, will join the Devcom 2020 delegation. These studios can handle just about any aspect of game development, from creating 2D and 3D art and animation to engineering, porting and everything in between:

  • Founded in 2014, Garage 227 Studios is an innovative Brazilian studio that now boasts a host of talented artists, programmers, and developers and has also recently expanded into the United States.
  • Kokku is nearing a full decade in the games industry as the studio for external development, with a hefty resume that includes work on lauded AAA titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Sniper Ghost Warrior among other VR and mobile games and is staffed by industry veterans with pedigrees from major studios such as Microsoft, CAPCOM, Tencent, SEGA and THQ.
  • Diorama Digital is the go-to studio for external development of 2D and 3D concept art, and since 2014 has worked on numerous large-scale titles like Just Cause 4Overwatch, and Borderlands 3.
  • PUGA Studios is a top outsourcing company for 2D and stylized 3D art, with clients in 13 countries and a resume that includes work with game studios like Gearbox, Jam City, and Kwalee.
  • Manifesto Games, with almost 15 years in the industry, handles both development and operations for web and mobile titles, co-producing and developing games for Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Disney, Sea World, and Zynga.

These companies only scratch the surface of the massive and powerful presence Brazil Games plans on bringing to the event, with many, many more studios in attendance including: AiyraAoca Game LabAquirisBeta 2 GamesBlack River StudiosCanvas GamesCute ArmyDruzina ContentElectric MonkeysEpopeia GamesGamePlan ConsultantsGarage 227 StudiosImgnation StudiosIzyplayLudactMonster Crossing StudioMr. Dev StudioPetit FabrikNapalm StudioRadioativa Game SoundsSkullfish StudiosWebcore Games, and Wondernaut Studio.

A catalog detailing information about the Brazil Content studios attending Devcom Digital 2020 can be found here: https://uberstrategist.link/BrazilGames-Devcom2020-Catalog.

A video reel featuring the Brazil Games video game development studios attending Devcom Digital 2020 can be found below:

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About the Games Industry and Brazil

Brazil is now the 13th largest video game market in the world and second in Latin America, only to Mexico. The $1.6 billion (USD) Brazilian games industry has nearly doubled in size since 2014, and the number of local gamers reached 75.7 million as of 2018, making Brazil the fourth-largest consumer market in the world. Half of both men and women in Brazil play mobile games, while roughly 40 percent of men and women play PC games, according to Newzoo. Purchase intent is healthy as well, as 83 percent of gamers in the region have made an in-game purchase within the past six months.

About Brazil Games

Brazil Games is the export program created by the Brazilian Independent Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency. Our goal is to promote the Brazilian Indie Game industry internationally, developing new business opportunities for our companies. The Brazil Games Program also promotes Brazil as the hub for business in Latin America and invites buyers, investors, and publishers for BIG Festival, Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, the most important international indie games festival, and the hub for international business in Latin America.

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