Battle Royale Hunter’s Arena collaborates with 1MILLION Dance Studio to create in-game dance emotes

Hunter’s Arena, BattleRoyale-RPG hybrid, collaborates with 1MILLION Dance Studio to create in-game dance emotes.

SEOUL – June 25, 2020 – Mantisco, the developer of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, has announced a collaboration with 1MILLION Dance Studio, a hugely popular dance label with more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube. Players will be able to experience the stunning dance move emotes in Hunter’s Arena: Legends, which will launch on July 15 on Steam Early Access.



The in-game dances from the collaboration are performed by 1MILLION’s top choreographers including Lia Kim, Tina Boo, Minny Park, Youjin Kim, and more. The dances have been added directly into the game, meaning players can enjoy the high-quality dance moves and natural flow just as they are experienced in real life.

The dances will be used as emotes in Hunter’s Arena as a communication tool between players, including taunts and victory poses.

1MILLION Dance Studio is a global dance company with the world’s largest subscriber count as a single dance channel on YouTube that specializes in K-POP and K-Dance. 1MILLION’s chief choreographer, Lia Kim, is the choreographer behind many popular songs that represent K-POP, such as Mamamoo’s “Hip”, Sunmi’s “Gashina”, and Twice’s “TT”. Thousands of people visit Korea each year to dance at 1MILLION.

“The combination of various entertainment platforms is a trend these days,” Yoon Junghyun, the CEO of Mantisco, explained. “We wanted to combine dance with our game by doing a collaboration with one of the world’s best dance labels, 1MILLION.”

“This is the first time doing a collaboration with a game company. We are glad to have produced diversified content with Mantisco,” said Jiyong Yi, senior manager at 1MILLION.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s Arena is preparing for a stress test to check server load and stability after confirming its Early Access release on July 15. The stress test will be held for a total of four days from June 26-27 and July 3-4. Players can participate by obtaining a Steam key from the sign-up page:

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