2047 : Virtual Revolution Movie Review

2047: Virtual Revolution is a unique blend of film genres from sci-fi to film noir and many more. This film has a feel of Blade Runner and Total Recall with a Matrix twisted. Very well done film from start to finish. The timeline for the film is spot on as we get more and more lost in our online lives and less in the IRL (in real life). With online Vr becoming bigger and bigger one can see where the inspiration for this film comes from.

Nash an online detective for one of the major online company send him into the online world to investigate a string of online murders by what they call necromancers. Nash find way more than what he expected to find. With the help of a hacker, he uncovers there’s more to the story. He finds this even tied to the death of his wife and put’s Nash in a hard place and must make a choice. With his life on the line many times in the film we learn why he is so good at what he does.

I must say I enjoyed this one as a fan of sci-fi films and the similarity to some of the classic sci-fi films this a must watch for you. The noir side of the film attracts the crime film fan as well as the detective movie fan. Watch for it out on VOD June 12.