2020 Taipei Game Show Released the Finalists of Indie Game Award

2020 Taipei Game Show has established Indie Game Awards for all the indie developers around the globe. After a month of first stage – cross-reviewing, where contestants evaluated each other’s works, 30 games from 11 countries, including Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, France, the U.S., Switzerland, Canada, and Malaysia, were nominated for the final stage of Indie Game Award.

The numbers of Indie Game Award contestants continue to growing

Indie Game Award has already recognized several outstanding games, including “RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright,” “Replica,” and “Detention.” This year, 141 games from 17 different countries took part in it, and of the 30 contestants that made it into the final stage many have already won multiple international awards. Those titles include the retro pixel-styled “Eastward” by Pixpil Studio from China, winning the 2019 Official Selection of Nintendo Indie World award; “King’s League II”by Kurechii from Malaysia, winning several best game awards from Google Play and all the major game expos from 2012 to 2017. And “Minimal Move” by Tako Studio from France won the French 2018 Indie Game Factory Critics’ Choice Award for its detailed 3D modelling.

The 2020 Indie Game Awards are gearing up to start the next round of competition. The organizers have invited both domestic and foreign veteran gaming medias and famous producers to evaluate the winners of the following awards: Best Narration, Best Visual Art, Best Audio, Best Design, Best Innovation, Best VR Game, Best Mobile Game, IGA Grand Prix, and one special award delivered by the sponsor of IGA: Xsolla. The awards ceremony will be held on the first day of 2020 Taipei Game Show, stage of Indie Salon.

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※ 2020 INDIE GAME AWARDS Finalists (30 games from 11 countries)

Country Team Game Platform
China Pixpil Studio Eastward PC/Console
Japan Nussoft Fight Crab PC/Console
Japan room6 Rose and Camellia PC/Console/Mobile
Japan PICKLE’s Diorama Knight Online/Mobile
Japan Tricore Inc. 夕鬼 Yuoni: Rises VR
Japan Studio Stobie Rising Dusk PC/Console
Japan White Owls Inc. The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories PC/Console
Canada Brace Yourself Games Industries of Titan PC
Taiwan Glass Heart Studio Vigil: The Longest Night PC/Console
Taiwan Gamtropy Subscribe to my adventure Mobile
Taiwan 751Games Life Gallery Mobile
Taiwan Playerium Georifters PC/Console
Taiwan HayatoWorks Combine War Toys VR
Taiwan WOWWOW Innovative Lab TAG WAR VR
Taiwan Themis digital entertainment Co. Single Diary: Fresh Graduate PC
Taiwan Fun2 Studio CO., LTD. FunZoo VR
Indonesia Mojiken Studio When the Past Was Around PC
Indonesia Coffee Talk Team Coffee Talk PC/Console
Indonesia Tahoe Games Rising Hell PC
France Tako Studio Minimal Move PC/Console/Mobile
U.S.A. Muse Games Embr PC/Online
U.S.A. Leonard Menchiari The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] PC/Console
Thailand Urnique Studio Timelie PC/Mobile
Thailand Runnex Technology Runster PC/Online
Malaysia PASSION REPUBLIC GAMES SDN BHD GigaBash PC/Online/Console
Malaysia DreamTree Studio Sdn. Bhd. DeLight PC/Mobile
Malaysia Kurechii King’s League II PC/Mobile
Swiss Indoor Astronaut Unrailed! PC
Korea Project Moreum ShutterNyang PC
Korea Devespresso Games The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters PC