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2 Man Embassy’s Smooth New Single “Velvet” Featuring Daniel Allan Out June 10, On Lowly

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Blake Martin, Tristin Sullivan and Bradley Smith, who encompass the hip-hop trio “2 Man Embassy,” are kicking off the summer with their new single “Velvet” featuring Daniel Allan. Their new track is about a broken relationship where you’re doing everything you can to get out of an uncomfortable situation that you’re also addicted to. The track reflects on an individual wanting to leave the relationship, but wanting to leave, makes you want to stay. 


This song originally started off as a pitch song for artists Blackbear and MAX. Martin wrote the original song with a frequent collaborator Sean Turk. They did the demo track, writing and vocals all in one day and sent it out. Blackbear and MAX strongly considered the song for a few months, but eventually passed. Once the song was shown to the rest of 2 Man Embassy, they instantly fell in love with it. Sullivan and Smith kept hounding Martin for months about turning the song into a 2 Man Embassy track and once it was passed, they pulled the trigger. The trio wrote the second verse and reproduced the track, while adding a drop and redoing the verse and pre chorus production. Daniel Allan aided with the reproduction by adding his magic touch throughout the track. Though it was a journey, the final version of the song came out better than they could have ever expected.


Stream “Velvet” out on all platforms June 10 HERE.

About 2 Man Embassy


2 Man Embassy was formed in 2016 by Brad Smith and Tristin Sullivan. Years later, Blake Martin joined the group, turning it into the trio that it is today. The three combine their influences from electronic music with a host of different styles to create their sound which is unique to them. 


Regardless of what inspires them, they enjoy the entirety of the creation process, constantly pushing themselves to evolve and further their sound. As both best friends and colleagues, what they create is a manifestation of their collective passion in music.



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