2 Man Embassy’s Heartbreaking New Single “Out of Luck” Out July 1, On Lowly

Blake Martin, Tristin Sullivan and Bradley Smith, who encompass the hip-hop trio “2 Man Embassy,” have teamed up with Sophia Gripari for their new single “Out of Luck”. The track is the second to come off of their upcoming EP, which is set to release later this summer. 


After growing up watching all the classic romantic comedies, you come to a point where you realize that that’s just not how love goes. “Out of Luck” was written about being fed up that you are led to believe in an unrealistic kind of love you see in the movies. 


“We did this song with Sophia Gripari, a singer/songwriter from London, currently living in Los Angeles. We loved the song beforehand, but Sophia’s lyrics and vocal performance really added everything it was missing, and brought it to the next level” says the trio.


Alongside the narrative of Gripari’s own experience with love, this song shows a playful element as some of the most iconic romantic comedy movie titles are scattered throughout. The lyrics of the single will bring you back to the early 2000’s, but the production of the song will have you remembering you’re still in 2021.


Stream “Out of Luck” out on all platforms July 1 HERE.

2 Man Embassy was formed in 2016 by Brad Smith and Tristin Sullivan. Years later, Blake Martin joined the group, turning it into the trio that it is today. The three combine their influences from electronic music with a host of different styles to create their sound which is unique to them. 


Regardless of what inspires them, they enjoy the entirety of the creation process, constantly pushing themselves to evolve and further their sound. As both best friends and colleagues, what they create is a manifestation of their collective passion in music.