LOS ANGELES, CA – 2 Man Embassy’s debut EP, Concepts, is available on all streaming services, via Lowly, on September 9. The trio cites this project as the “real starting foundation” of 2 Man Embassy. The definition of concepts is “an abstract idea, a general notion, a plan or intention.” Concepts was the chosen title because they felt the noun gives the best representation of what their EP consists of. The four-track EP is a guide to their creative and artistic direction going forward.

Concepts is a collaborative effort between Brad Smith, Tristin Sullivan, Blake Martin and other talented producers, songwriters and vocalists. Each of the artists they worked with helped make the EP what it is today. They started the project determined to create something that they found was truly unique to them, and now they’re ready to share it with the world.

“Velvet” featuring Daniel Allan and Sean Turk, is about a broken relationship where you’re doing everything you can to get out of an uncomfortable situation that you’re also addicted to. The track reflects on an individual wanting to leave the relationship, but wanting to leave, makes you want to stay. “Out of Luck” featuring Sophia Gripari, was written about being fed up that you are led to believe in an unrealistic kind of love you see in the movies. “Maraschino” with Jake Neumar, is about, “Going back to a toxic relationship because, sometimes, they’re just more fun. And when pretty please isn’t enough, she’ll find a way to put the cherry on top” says songwriter and vocalist, Neumar. 

“The End” featuring Perrin Xthona, is the final song that ties the whole project together. The last track is about the importance of friends who you can rely on regardless of the storms and situations that face you.

 It’s about always celebrating the friendships and bonds you have, even if it’s right before “The End.” The theme and tonality of this song is the final piece to the puzzle, bringing the EP to a perfect close. It is an incredibly powerful song that wraps up this chapter of conceptualization and discovery, but also the beginning of their vision for 2 Man Embassy. 

Concepts (EP) Tracklisting:

  1. Velvet (featuring Daniel Allan & Sean Turk)
  2. Out of Luck (featuring Sophia Gripari)
  3. Maraschino (with Jake Neumar) 
  4. The End (featuring Perrin Xthona) 

About 2 Man Embassy:

2 Man Embassy was formed in 2016 by Brad Smith and Tristin Sullivan. Years later, Blake Martin joined the group, turning it into the trio that it is today. The three combine their influences from electronic music with a host of different styles to create their sound which is unique to them. 


Regardless of what inspires them, they enjoy the entirety of the creation process, constantly pushing themselves to evolve and further their sound. As both best friends and colleagues, what they create is a manifestation of their collective passion in music.




About Lowly:

Lowly. is an independent record label, established in 2017, based in New York and Los Angeles. Lowly. strives to bring light to undiscovered artists while creating a home for arts and culture within music.