19-Year-Old Singer-Songwriter Haley Flake Returns with Summer Anthem ‘Longer Nights’

Artist: Haley Flake 

Release: ‘Longer Nights’  

Release Date: May 17th  

Genre: Alt-Pop 


Discussing the adventures of being young, 19-year-old singer-songwriter Haley Flake returns with alt-pop summer anthem ‘Longer Nights’, May 17th, produced by multi-platinum producer Gregory Ross.  


Stream Haley Flake here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/51ZFejIsTW7wx0lBemYk99?si=MasRSq4dTjiUQV2GLxn71w


Performing from the age of 5, New Jersey’s Haley Flake has been singing her whole life, fueled by her father’s love for music. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as she soon caught the eye of multi-platinum producer Gregory Ross who worked with Haley on a series of singles.  


Having collaborated with names such as Felly, Rennie! and Ben Beal, Haley is no stranger to the music industry, having collected a dedicated fan base from day one.  


With Haley’s breath-taking song writing and crisp vocals combined with Ross’ instrumentation and production, ‘Longer Nights’ is set to be Haley’s strongest release to date.  


When discussing her inspirations behind the track Haley stated: “Longer Nights is inspired by the beauty of being young, nights filled with adventure, and falling in love for the first time. In a lot of ways, the song is a snapshot of some favorite memories and how it feels to live freely.” 


‘Longer Nights’ is set to release May 17th via Too Lost Records.  



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