AI-powered Voice Moderation Tool Detects Toxic Chat in Real-Time


CAMBRIDGE, MA – June 21, 2021 — Modulate Inc, a technology company using artificial intelligence to improve online voice chat, announced today that 1336 Studios has selected ToxMod, the world’s first voice-native moderation service, for its title — Gridiron, a competitive multiplayer arcade-style football game.


“We need a strong, healthy community of passionate players to make Gridiron the best multiplayer football game ever,” said Mishi McDuff, CEO of 1336 Studios.  “ToxMod has already improved customer retention and increased overall playtime by addressing the #1 complaint we hear from the community — toxic player behavior.”


ToxMod uses sophisticated machine learning models to proactively identify misbehavior without relying on player reports. It also goes beyond transcription to understand not just what each player is saying but how they are saying it – including their emotion, volume, prosody, and more. This allows for a much more nuanced and accurate prediction of whether a specific statement is intended as toxic or disruptive – for instance, distinguishing a celebratory “f*** yeah” from an aggressive “f*** you.”. Using ToxMod, 1336 Studios’ moderators can now identify the worst offenses on their platform and proactively take action to resolve the situation – which has already led to a 50% decrease in negative reviews and an overall playtime increase of almost 10%.


Over 80% of adult online gamers in the U.S. have experienced harassment in online games,” said Mike Pappas, Co-Founder and CEO of Modulate. “We’re thrilled to be working with 1336 Studios to help them ensure that everybody has a positive in-game experience.”


For more information on ToxMod and the Modulate Platform, please visit https://modulate.ai.


Gridiron is currently in development and available to play via Steam’s Early Access Program:   https://store.steampowered.com/app/708720/Gridiron/.


About 1336 Studios

1336 Studios is an independent video game development studio based in North Carolina working on Gridiron, a fast-paced arcade style 7v7 competitive multiplayer football game. They are focused on building rewarding competitive online experiences. 1336 Studios started out with just 3 developers and has grown steadily over the past year, adding over 10 full time employees.  They believe that sports games are a cornerstone of the future of esports and are building towards their vision for the best football game out there.


About Modulate

Modulate is a Boston-based company empowering the future of identity, online safety, and communication through voice. The team includes world-class audio experts, leading machine learning researchers, and passionate thought leaders. Their first innovation, VoiceWear, is the first-ever system for emotive, character-accurate voice skins. Modulate has raised a total of $6M from leading investors, including 2Enable Partners, Hyperplane Venture Capital, Sierra Ventures, and Everblue Management.


For more information, please visit https://modulate.ai.