12xPretty – Something Else Music Review

With there self-titled album coming out in Feb 2020, 12xPretty is showcasing a different style of electronic music that focus’s heavily on emotional roller-coaster of life. The usage of the electro music is just so different, so much self created that you are noticing this is all new and fulfilling. As I was able to get my hands on there latest song, Something Else, I am listening and deciphering the power of the song.

I was listening to to this song and its a tug of war of emotions. The song slowly builds and pulls you to closer to the center of attention. As you get closer, you nod your head to the beat of the song. The style of electro is very innovating and different on what I have heard before. The lyrics speak to you from a form of art that is slowly building an Ark of appreciation.

A the end, the song had won my attention, won my appreciation and won my focus. I will be waiting until the album is dropped to jam more to 12xPretty!

Check out Something Else on Youtube now!