10 Second Ninja Review

First starting out the game does feel a little different from certain sidescrollers. You are a Ninja that has 10 secs to destroy all the enemies in site. You are equipped with a Sword and Shuriken’s to be able to speed your way to defeating the mech robots. You are graded by stars so the faster you clear the area the more stars you get. There are multiple ways to be able to clear the level itself and it is up to you as the player to come up with those ways.  


  • Fast Gameplay 
  • Easy Controls (can even change the controller UI) 
  • Creative levels 
  • Great Soundtrack 
  • Competitive Leaderboards 


  • Minor control issues 
  • Could use more options for weapons 


Rating: I would give this Demo and Game a “7” out of 10 

10 Sec Ninja has a challenging aspect too it and even though I was only able to play the Demo I feel compelled to come back for more and try to knock some of those people out of the Leaderboards. I feel that this game has a lot of potential and deserves more credit and love. If you are someone who loves a challenge and likes fast gameplay than this would be the game for you. Who knows you I might see your name in the leaderboards and we can challenge each other score at who can be the fastest Ninja!