šŸŽ‰ Get ready – Party Hard 2 is coming to consoles!

Party Hard, a franchiseĀ about crashing parties to get some well-deserved sleep, has recently turned 5 years old!

To celebrate, we’veĀ announcedĀ thatĀ Party Hard 2Ā will be coming to consoles on September 8th! Preorder is already available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 version available on release date.

About Party Hard 2:
It’s 3am and you just want to get some sleep. Welcome back to Party Hard! Stop parties using hundreds of new ways, incidentally destroy a drug syndicate, and save the Earth from an alien invasion. May the chickens be with you!

  • Dozens of new trapsĀ including combos: use different substances that react with each other. Why not set a chain reaction with water and electricity?
  • 4 playable charactersĀ with entirely unique play styles, stats, and abilities!
  • 14 sprawling levelsĀ featuring 2 boss fights
  • 27-trackĀ OST
  • Brand newĀ crafting systemĀ and dozens of items to combine: why not a lighter and a can of gasoline? ( Ķ”Ā° ĶœŹ– Ķ”Ā°)
  • Interact with NPCs: get an NPC drunk, bribe punks, or make someone pee their pants in fear!
  • Different objectivesĀ that match your playstyle! It’s your call if you want to choose only objective-sensitive non-civilian targets. Killing everyone works, too. Your playstyle may affect the progression of the game, specifically unlockables.
  • An intriguingĀ storyĀ of vengeance and redemption. Yes, with a twist and a fugitive circusĀ bear.