🎁 NEW Darkest Dungeon “All-In Pledge” Special Gifts

NEW “All-In” Pledge!

New PvP mode unlocked for the core game – Butcher’s Circus, New Add-on Color of Madness, and discounted “All-In” pledge now announced! 

Pledge on Kickstarter in the next 50 hours and claim your discount and Free Musketeer miniature for the Gameplay All-in Pledge, with a core box, 5 expansions, and countless unlocked Stretch Goals!

Pledge during the Kickstarter campaign and get the
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 in the Ancestral Pledge

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is a cooperative dungeon crawler for 1-4 players. Accept missions, dispatch imminent threats, and help restore the Heir’s mansion to its former glory. But beware.. either at death’s door or at your wit’s end, you will have to uproot evil itself from the Darkest Dungeon.

Based on the critically acclaimed video game by Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is smashing through Stretch Goals, unlocking new game modes, and packing an even more diverse gaming experience in a single box!











Butcher’s Circus, the PvP mode has been unlocked and added in the core box! Up to 8 players can now play 4 different combinations of this game mode, while the Butcher herself has also made her appearance!

The Color of Madness, the fifth and last expansion of this campaign, adds a new game mode and standalone experience, for those who want a one-off session instead of a campaign. What has happened on the Miller’s farm?