⚔️ There Is No Light Kickstarter ends. Results of the campaign!

There Is No Light Kickstarter End

Kickstarter campaign for the dark post-apocalyptic Action-Adventure set in the Underworld just finished. More than $70k has been raised for the project development.


October 6, 2020 | Developer Zelart and publisher HypeTrain Digital are happy to announce the closure of the Kickstarter campaign for There Is No Light, a dark Action RPG coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q3 2021.

There Is No Light was supported by more than 2000 backers on Kickstarter and raised over $70k, which is 240% of the initial goal. A number of stretch goals have been reached — thanks to that the game will get:

  • Additional side-quests

  • The Bestiary (concept art and description of every boss, location, creature and race)

  • Upgraded VFX

  • Second ending

  • New game+ mode (more enemies in every location, all weapons available from the start, the karma system applied to more bosses and mobs)

  • New mechanic — Reports to the Sun Corps (allows the player to make decisions leading to major changes in the in-game locations and Karma)

There is No Light is a pixel-art action-adventure set in a grim underground world ruled by the mysterious Church of the Great Hand, where the entire human population has been eradicated by a global catastrophe.

Explore the game world, listen to survivor stories, vanquish hordes of bloodthirsty demonic creatures and fight deadly Bosses to fulfill your goal — save your child who has been taken away by a cult.

Key Features:


  • Non-linear Narrative. Create your own adventure by exploring the story and in-game world as you want it.

  • Four types of Magic and Bladed Weapons, each with unique abilities and skills to upgrade.

  • Filled with Rage. A Rage gauge builds up when damage is inflicted on enemies and the environment, allowing to slay your opponents quickly and efficiently.

  • Extraordinary Combat provided by rapid battle style, varieties of weapons, and hordes of otherworldly creatures.

  • Four unique in-game locations that were inspired by classic post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy visuals.

  • Varieties of dreadful Bosses that were designed to eliminate your character in various and brutal ways.

  • Numerous NPC each with unique story quests for you to maintain.

  • Karma system. Your actions and decisions will affect the state of the Underworld.