⚔️ Deck of Ashes Launches on Steam Store Today!

Deck of Ashes is now available on PC both for Windows and Mac OSX

Popular turn-based tactical battle card game releases its full version with a new campaign story and three new card archetypes, plus a boss design competition for players!

Saint-Petersburg, Russia – June 9th, 2020 – Buka Entertainment and AY Games are happy to announce today the launch of Deck of Ashes, their hardcore story-driven RPG with card-based tactical combat. While the game was in Early Access for 14 months, it gained popularity among card battle genre fans and received extremely positive feedback. Deck of Ashes is available both for Windows and Mac OSX for only $19.99 USD.


Marking the long-awaited game launch, AYGames team is starting a Deck of Ashes Design-a-Miniboss Contest at their Discord server for the coolest and most ingenious miniboss concept. Three winners will get an exclusive Genetrix statue, and the prestigious role of “Boss Master” on their Discord server. Genetrix statues are hand painted and made of a durable composite material. Most importantly, the winning mini-boss designs will be added to the Deck of Ashes in a free update later this year!

More details about the terms and conditions of participation can be found here

The full version of Deck of Ashes includes numerous improvements and new features: new character with a new campaign story and three new card archetypes, the epilogue which concludes the game story and the full Russian localization!





The game’s special “Day one Edition” will be available on Steam for only two weeks following the full launch. This edition comes with digital content such as the expanded art book, HD wallpapers, all character skins and the personal gratitude from the dev team!


For more details on Deck of Ashes please visit the official website, and follow the game on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Deck of Ashes

Deck of Ashes is a hardcore story-driven RPG with procedurally-generated game world and card-based tactical combat system. Players take the role of one of four antiheros on a quest to defeat enemies in exciting turn-based tactical battles using cards they find or create during their journey.


Every character’s story is unique and each time you start a new game the world will be different! It is up to you to decide where to go, which enemy to fight next and what resources you collect to create cards. There are more than 100 cards in the game and players can mix them to build unique card decks and combat styles!



Deck of Ashes is not just a card game – it’s world of action and fantasy, player-based decisions, and more:


● An eerie world of dark fantasy. All characters, monsters and locations are hand-drawn!

● Four main characters – four story campaigns

● Procedurally-generated game world – Unique experiences every new game you start

● Insanely huge number of card combinations. Collect and create cards to fit your play-style

● Biomes with various monsters: each biome affects the gameplay differently and inhabited by unique foes!

● Death is permanent in the finest tradition of a rogue-like genre. Once dead, you are dead forever, unless you use Black magic!




Before the disastrous event known as the Ash Curse, the Rogues had been the most dangerous gang out there. The whole world despised them and they did not hesitate to return the favor. They had been relentlessly killing and plundering with no mercy to the rich nor to the poor. Spoiled by their luck, gold and impunity they quickly delved into deep madness. Then the Rogues wished to obtain the most powerful artifact – the Ash Box. Their search brought them to the Valley of Death. However, once they were close to the artifact, they wouldn’t want to share it with others! One of the Rogues managed to grab the box but it slipped out his hands and shattered on the floor. The cloud of Ash raised to the skies poisoning and spoiling every living thing on the face of the world. Each of the Rouges is yet to pay the price for their ignorance. As the whole world suffers greatly under the Ash Curse – only the Rogues can break it.

About Buka Entertainment

Buka Entertainment was founded in 1994 as video game and console distributor. Since 1996 Buka has also been known as a publisher. Today Buka Entertainment continues to publish video games and support developers from all over the world. Company ports and releases titles for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android.

About AYGames

AY Games is an independent gaming studio, whose goal is to release quality and interesting games to the market. In our team, talented professionals work their business in order to open their potential and show it to the world.