☁ Checkout the build for Black Skylands, it’s Bioshock Infinite meets Enter The Gungeon

After showcasing Black Skylands at PAX South, we’re happy to share this build with you. There are about 20 minutes of highly polished gameplay, so feel free to make a video/preview — and we’ll have a more expanded build at PAXEast in Boston next month.

Here’s the quick rundown:

About Black Skylands

  • Vast open world includes forest, snow, farm, and urban biomes
  • Aircraft and regular combat provide varied gameplay
  • Your guns and ships come with plenty of unlockable upgrades
  • Special abilities help you demolish your foes

The bosses are huge!

And don’t forget, next week – on Thursday – Not For Broadcast is launching into Early Access. You should checkout the free Prologue build of it to get an idea of what it’s like.