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Here are some of the services I do offer and packages that are I hope can be affordable to you and your company. All pages are given proper SEO and searchable through Yahoo, Google, Bing and more search sites. I may add more things onto each package when things come up and will include them into your plan. If your plan expired and more items were added, I will not honor them but will give you a discount on items.

Basic Package$5

1 ad with clickable link * to one social media page* or 1 Sound Cloud song with Auto play to gain views on 1 Blog or Web post page.

– This will on a random post such as a sweepstakes post or Freebie post that will be either be posted on Twitter or Facebook once.

Review Package$25 Per Request * with a working arrangement, we can do multiple depending on requests*

– Review includes a professional type review with pictures and information such as address and hours for your business, posted on Facebook and Twitter pages, clickable links to your social media for people to go to, and word of mouth to future prospects, and more.

Tier Package – $100 a Month

Tier includes Ads placed on all one pages for 1 month, 3 reviews on your products and promoted on Twitter and Facebook, clickable links of your business social media will be liked and shared to all fans and followers to follow you back on social media,  word of mouth to all people in a network that will need your services * your name of company be recommended first*, and more.

Giant Package – $1000 for 1 Year

– Giant includes ads placed on all pages on the website, ads on web posts, Promotional reviews for various products you offer during that year, post repeatedly posted on Twitter and Facebook for the year, ads place on promotional events that Drop the Spotlight is involved with, word of mouth services with information to people I meet, picture slide show on website, events on your business or invited to participate on event days with Drop the Spotlight, link to your very own page on the website for your company  and promoted as well and much more!

All money transactions will be done by PayPal, Cash or Check. I do have the right to refuse any service from anyone and for now, this will be U.S. only. I do have many international fans and followers, I will be working on creating something for y’all as well including implementing things in your language and working with companies in your area.

For any questions or questions on packages please email me at

Thank you and Enjoy!

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