Musician of the Month November 2015

Many aspects of music careers just rely on certain visions of a futuristic life, but never really think about the story that gets them there.

I have heard of this artist like 3 or 4 years ago, I heard the name, but I never came across his music. I just heard from word of mouth but couldn’t find the tunes to come with the name. I heard a song from him today and thus turned the myth into a legend.

Drop the Spotlights November 2015 Musician of the Month goes to D.D.I.

You may want me to go through a laundry list of items from this musician from Austin, TX but his documentary says it all here.

His music speaks from the Earth, speaks from the mind, and demolishes the out of the box concept. This artist has created his own trends, his own vision and his own lyrical concepts.

Like his FACEBOOK, SOUNDCLOUD, and get engulfed with his mixtape located HERE

Buy it and check out the sounds of tomorrow and be able to say,” YEAH I BOUGHT HIS MIXTAPE, and I remember…”

Keep it weird with DDI, keep it going with DDI, see tomorrow grow with DDI.


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