Musician of the Month July 2015

A voice can has so much power to a person that the words are can take a whole new meaning, a whole atmosphere, and a even a whole kind of feeling as well.

When I heard this song from this artist, the diet soda literally flew out of my mouth and onto my computer screen. I have never heard a voice such as this and with the emphasis of her lyrics made me daydream of what she was trying to say to me with her music.

I have chosen for the month of July 2015 for Drop the Spotlight’s Musician of the Month to Natalie Carrizalez but she is known to many of her fans as TheOnlyNC.

She is a gorgeous woman with a smile that can light an ocean of emptiness and lyrically a poet who can describe an emotion out of a few character of words.

Her album New Kinda Feeling is an amazing album full of real emotions and how she sees the world that is presented to her and how she handles it with lyrics that takes a conversation into a listening session. She has that type of power to command over a person with the music and lyrics, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her music and you all should purchase her new album here off of Apple Itunes and add her on Instagram here:

TheOnlyNC- New Kinda Feeling *click picture to go to Itunes and make a purchase*

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