Netflix Hits Homerun With Bright

As a loyal Netflix subscriber for years, I enjoy watching my movies and TV shows after a long hard day of work. As I’m scrolling along the front page, I notice this new movie called Bright being showcased. I saw that the movie was starring Will Smith and from the cover image looked like similar role he had done  with Bad Boys.

I wasn’t too eager to watch this show as it could be another recreated movie from the past. Something nudged me to give it a try so I then decided to try. The movie did have a  orc looking person on the cover image next to Will Smith. As a fan of sci fi, I became intrigued and watched the movie.

I will not spoiler the movie here, but I will say its very similar to situations that is happening in today’s world but using characters from mythological characters. I felt it was very similar to a grown up version of the Lord of The Rings in the present world.

I enjoyed the movie and the story told through the eyes of the characters and enjoyed the mythology introduced throughout the movie. I felt the movie was intriguing and a holiday miracle to me. The movie was well produced and was something I enjoyed.

Suit yourself, take the tour of the movie by watching and coming up with your own conclusion. I will say this, it is different, fun and an interesting take on diversity.

Here is the trailer:



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