Kwan-Chi Happy Birthday Album Review

Kwan-Chi brings the celebration to the field with his latest album Happy Birthday. As Kwan-Chi is gearing up for a tour to cities such as Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and more; he is continues to record and get more music for his fans. 

Happy Birthday is a followup to Features which had the hit song Big Money which I digged a lot a well. Happy Birthday is a mixture hip hop with an array of an astronomical musical beats. The stars are out in deed with the music that is coming out of Happy Birthday.

I’m enjoying the songs Driving Ferrari’s, Keep Ya 3 Stacks, and Blackberry. Those songs I have been repeating over and over, I’m digging those. The lyrics on these songs are unique, fun, and starts the party as the sun sets.

This album over is pretty good and is a good focus point when Kwan-Chi is out performing at these major cities and will get the audience jamming out to the music.



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