ESPORTS ON HULU – “Defining Moments” Premiere, “Bootcamp” Finale, and More.

New esports Premieres


ESL, the world’s largest esports company has created four unique series that explore the various facets of esports, including athlete training and preparation, news and industry trends, and coverage of ESL’s tournaments.

Player vs. Player, Bootcamp: Immortals, Defining Moments and ESL Replay premiere exclusively on Hulu.



Dive deep into the most impactful moments in esports history.  Defining Moments will cover many top games and fan the flames of ongoing debates about these plays. Each episode is centered on a specific theme of the week, whether trick-shots and insane reflexes, controversial strategies and their impact on gaming history, or beloved players and how they came onto the scene. Hosted by Jeff Cannata (DLC, The Totally Rad Show), the series will feature in-depth interviews with analysts, casters, and the players themselves, explaining what made these moments so monumental. (6 Episodes)

Episode 1 (Epic Skill) – NOW STREAMING
A showcase of the most spectacular demonstrations of skill in competitive video games.  Clutch plays.  Split second reactions.  And incredible displays of teamwork.  From Hiko’s inhuman reactions, to DotA’s “The Play.”  This week’s special guest: Justin Wong.

Episode 2 (Epic Strategies) – NOW STREAMING
An exploration of wild strategies in competitive video games.  Dangerous gambits.  Badass moves.  And unconventional tactics.  From the Million Dollar Dream Coil, to the unexpected brilliance of S1mple’s fake flash.  This week’s special guest: Reynad.

New Episodes Fridays.


Hosted by Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot, Player vs. Player is a gamified debate show with casters and esports influencers facing off over the hottest topics in esports.
(10 Episodes)

Episode 6: Turtling Up
Jessica Chobot and a panel of experts debate the burning questions in esports.  This week’s topics: profit hogs, disturbing trends, and the science of turtling up.  Panelists: Stephanie Harvey, Justin Wong, Sherry Nhan, Aleksei Ichetovkin.

New episodes Fridays.


Bootcamp: Immortals is a documentary series following a top CounterStrike Global Offensive team. After being embarrassed at the Dreamhack Montreal Championships, the Immortals are forced to drop three players and Steel and Boltz need to find the right new players to restore their team’s winning legacy. (6 Episodes)

Episode 6 – FINALE: IEM Oakland, 2017
The Immortals have been struggling for months to keep their team together.  Now, with IEM only days away, a decision is made that will change the lives of the team forever.



A documentary-style recap of the most memorable moments from four of the biggest multi-day esports tournaments in the world, including in-depth analyses and behind-the-scenes footage not part of the tournament live stream. (4 Episodes)

Episode 3:  IEM Oakland 2017 – PUBG
A fast, high energy retelling of the Intel Extreme Masters Championship in Oakland, California. The best Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) teams meet to see who will take home the IEM trophy.

Episode 4:  ESL Pro League 2017 – CS:GO Championships 
Streaming December 17


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