The Inner World 2 The last Wind Monk John E. Dragon Review

The Inner World 2 Review
The Inner World 2 is a hand drawn point and click adventure style game for PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that was developed by Headup Games. It’s a very interesting game that utilizes different aspects of gaming then most games nowadays, it actually requires you to think and think outside the box most of the time as well. You play as the upcoming king, Robert, who is next in line for the throne, his pigeon Peck, and Laura, a thief and a bit hot headed at that, on a quest to save their race of flute noses by attempting to find the last wind monk and restore the wind. On your way to finding the last wind monk you’ll travel through multiple different locations from a ‘sheep’ factory to a cable car guarded by a giant bird, to a windmill with a man stuck up on the top spinning, to the capital city solving mind bending puzzles all along the way.
The game is an extremely interesting game and is a very fresh perspective on the games you see now a day. Not to mention the game is available as a mobile game as well, and too me that’s where it truly shines. I played this game at work, when I went to get something to eat or even when waiting for a doctor’s appointment and that really helps the game. When you have the access to play a puzzle game at any point in time it allows you to continue with your train of thought without any interruptions. Now I will advise that this game is rather difficult. You will experience a lot of failure before you find any success, however there is nothing more satisfying than figure out the puzzle to progress the story further. Also the characters you meet in the open world seem to provide small hints as well, from an expert forger to a character who seems to be modeled after someone from history, they are very colorful and fun to watch. I actually enjoyed this game very much and appreciated the mind bending puzzles they provided and saw them as an opportunity to learn how to look at something from a different perspective.
I won’t give any spoilers but sometimes the most unlikely item helps to progress the game. I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone and I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a good phone game they can just pick up and play. Support

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