Dropthespotlight.com Gaming Department’s Gamer Channel of the Month “DRAGORMAWS”


Our Gamer Highlight of the Month for November  is “Dragormaws”!   Dragormaws youtube Channel has a wide scope of videos ranging from Rocket League, Overwatch,  World of Warcraft and much more!  The Dropthespotlight Gaming Department felt this quality Channel deserved to be recognized for its awesome Content.   If you love Rocket League highlights or entertaining gamer videos “Dragormaws”  Youtube Channel is the place for you.  He is a creative content creator with the ability to capture the dramatic yet hilarious gamer moments for his fans to see.   This style has even lead to some success when his Warcraft Thug video was aired  on Sodapoppin’s stream.   Another interesting video is his Fallout4 “Shem Drowne Sword” Surprise video.  Dragormaws is a direct descendant of Shem Drownes from the Fallout 4 Questline.   Give this channel a like with a subscribe for your gaming enjoyment.




Dragormaw’s most recent release featuring sick Goals for week 9 while playing Rocket League


This Warcraft Thuglife Got a lot of views for Dragormaw’s Channel and was even aired on Sodapoppin’s own Twitch Stream


Insane Sniper plays that gave opponents anxiety while playing Widowmaker on Overwatch



Dragormaw’s is directly related to Shem Drownes the creator of the

Shem Drownes Sword

in Fallout 4



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